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Schleich Hammerhead Shark Clearance Sale

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Schleich Hammerhead Shark Clearance Sale

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Product OverviewSchleich Hammerhead Shark Clearance Sale
Hammerhead sharks feed on sardines, herring and mackerel. In the past it was thought that they killed prey by hitting it with their heads. Now we know that the unusual head shape allows improved vision. Just like the hammerhead shark from Schleich Wild Life, the eyes are located on the outside left and right of their head and give the predator a 360 degree view. The snout allows them to sense electromagnetic signals of their prey.
  • Contents: 1 x Schleich Hammerhead Shark
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  • Suitable for ages 3 Years +
  • Dimensions: 6.53W x 2.63D x 2.28H cm