Pisco 313

Pisco 313

1 x 700ml Pisco Black - Produced from a single grape variety, from a single vineyard and from a single vintage, Pisco Black is a sensual, elegant spirit of pure elegance and finesse. Pisco Black is single distilled in small batches to proof, producing a smooth spicy spirit with aromas of varietal spice, citrus and nuts.

1 x 700ml Pisco White - Fermented with natural yeast and small batch double distilled to reflect the purity of the wines, perfectly matches the aromas, flavours and varietal characters.
This style of Pisco is a blend of several varieties of grapes. Only the purest 'heart' of each distillation is used for Pisco White, producing a fruity fragrant wine spirit with floral notes of citrus, jasmine flowers and orange peel.

1 x 700ml Pisco Liqueur - A limited release blend of our double distilled Pisco, expertly blended with a selection of aged wine liqueur to create a super smooth finish. This combination with hints of orange blossom and honey make this the perfect drink on the rocks, or mixed.


1 x 700ml Pisco Sour - The spirit displays lifted citrus blossom, lime, aromas with a fruity background. On the palate the spirit is intensely flavoured with citrus and mild heat. The finish is soft and smooth


1 x 700ml Pisco Ginger - An intense spirit with lifted ginger and citrus aromas. The palate is a well balanced mixture of ginger, fruit, touch of sweetness and a nice spicy finish.