Our Team

Greg Garnish (General Manager/Winemaker)

The lure of Margaret River was always present for Greg. As a young poor student Greg spent many of his weekends and holidays enjoying the sun, surf and wine of the region. Drawn by the even bigger lure of money Greg embarked upon a Business Law degree, followed by a Master of Accounting degree. The initial plan was – get rich, buy a winery and live the dream – easy? What Greg did not count on was Tax and Financial Statements were just not exciting, so Greg made a life changing decision to test the wine industry and see where it would take him.

In 2004 Greg begun his winemaking apprenticeship at Houghton’s Winery, alongside studying Wine Science at Charles Sturt University.  Now a partner in the cooperative winery of Harmans Estate, Greg is able to tell his own story through careful vineyard selection and innovative winemaking techniques.  Greg oversees the winemaking process for the winery and is heavily involved in the qualitative aspects of sensory development in every batch of wine made at the facility.

Greg’s brand “GG” reflects the very special parcels of fruit each year that Greg rests his name on.   Share the joy of wine with Greg at www.harmans.com.au.

 Bernie Stanlake (Winemaker)

Bernie first became interested in wine in the mid 1980’s during his years in the hospitality industry in Perth and then Margaret River.  A desire to be involved in producing wine saw Bernie leave the hospitality industry and he commenced working with Portavin mobile bottling company during the WA wine industry growth period.  It was during this time that Bernie had the light bulb moment – I can do this winemaking caper!, and a procession of vintages at Hay Shed Hill winery with his brother as winemaker followed.  On the eve of the new century Bernie was in charge of Aquila Estate winemaking, then winemaker at Credaro Estate.

A fantastic new wife hailing from Victoria lead Bernie to move east to settle in Geelong.  A winemaking degree was completed in this time, as well as 3 little Stanlake children.  Bernie and his family then decided it was time to return to the west, where Bernie took up the position of assistant winemaker at Fonty’s Pool in the Pemberton region.  4 years and a Halliday rating of 5 red stars, plus a ‘dark horse’ in 2008 capped off some good years, then Bernie was off to Moss Brothers in the heart of the Wilyabrup sub region of Margaret River.  Moss Brothers had 4 Halliday stars when Bernie arrived and 5 red stars when he left.  His first vintage resulted in glowing accolades from both James Halliday and Ray Jordan.

Bernie came to Harmans Estate at the beginning of 2015, bringing a wealth of experience and accolades with him.

Bernie is your quintessential Aussie bloke, he enjoys fishing and the outdoor lifestyle with his family, and of course appreciates a damn fine chardonnay..

 Winery Crew


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