New Release World First Pisco Sour and Pisco Ginger

Posted by Greg Garnish on

Following the success of Australia's first and only Pisco - Harmans have done it again.   Friday the 22nd September Australia's first Pisco Sour and Pisco Ginger will be released.

A special blend of Harmans Pisco Black, lemon juice, lime juice and a touch of sweetness makes a ready to go spirit.   Drink it neat on the rocks, or shake it up with an egg white to make Australia's finest Pisco Sour.   You will not find a better one in the country.  Taste it this weekend at cellar door - or buy it online.





Harmans Pisco GingerA special blend of Ginger and Lime to make the base blend for the ever popular Chilcano cocktail.   Simply pour this onto some ice, add a squeeze of lime, and enjoy the layers of flavours and the special twist of the Ginseng.   Australia's only Pisco Ginger.



Click on the image to be one of the first in the world to taste Australia's best Pisco Sour and Pisco Ginger, or follow this link - Aussie First Pisco


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