2017 Harmans Estate Vintage

Posted by Greg Garnish on

As we all wait for summer to happen, it means we in the wine world are waiting for the grapes to begin to ripen.   Typically, by this time of year the warm weather has come (and stayed around), and some of the white grape varieties have started to soften and begin to develop some flavour.   This year however it is a slow start, and it is looking like 2-3 weeks behind what we consider "normal".   Good news is the grapes and vineyards we source our fruit from are all very healthy, and the winery is ready to begin the process of winemaking.

In the meantime, the beach is calling, the beauty of our region is to be enjoyed. 

If you are in the region over the coming 2-3 months, you can see all the action at Harmans - everything we sell is made and bottled on site.   Taste the difference.

2017 margaret river vintage harmans estate

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